My Top 11 Dave Matthews Band Songs of All Time

Dave Matthews Band coming is coming back to Dallas this weekend for the 21st time (their first show was in 1996)! I have personally been to two of their concerts, and this weekend will be my third time to see this incredible band live! The Dos Equis Pavilion seems to be their venue of choice in Dallas! When they first played there almost 30 years ago, it was called the Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheatre. The Fair Park venue has since been called the Smirnoff Music Centre, the Center, the Gexa Energy Pavilion and the Starplex Pavilion in 2017. Dave Matthews Band is one of the all time greats, and definitely one of (if not the best) bands to see live! Formed in 1991, DMB is notoriously renowned for being a jam band. They are known for playing songs differently in each performance, and this has become a staple of their live shows. In addition to their commercial success and cult-like popularity, they also were recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They've produced 10 studio albums and have also released countless live albums. Among their many great songs from the last 30+ years are eleven of my absolute favorites ever!


Number 11 - "So Right"

From the Album “Everyday”, released in 2001



Number 10 - "Dancing Nancies"

From the Album “Under the Table and Dreaming”, released in 1994



Number 9 - "Crush"

From the Album “Before These Crowded Streets”, released in 1998



Number 8 - "Madman's Eyes"

From the Album “Walk Around the Moon”, released in 2023



Number 7 - "So Much To Say"

From the Album “Crash”, released in 1996



Number 6 - "#41"

From the Album “Crash”, released in 1996



Number 5 - "What You Are"

From the Album “Everyday”, released in 2001



Number 4 - "Shake Me Like a Monkey"

From the Album “Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King”, released in 2009



Number 3 - "Grey Street"

From the Album “Busted Stuff”, released in 2002



Number 2 - "The Best of What's Around"

From the Album “Under the Table and Dreaming”, released in 1994



Number 1 - "Two Step"

From the Album “Crash”, released in 1996



Which song is your favorite? Didn't see a song on the list that you think should be? Shoot me a message with your favorite Dave Matthews Band song or songs and maybe I'll see you at the concert this Saturday (June 1st, 2024)!

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