Top 10 Favorite Murals in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is known for its strong economy, professional sports scene, friendly culture, growing tech hub, and much more. But one thing that truly sets the area apart is its cultural diversity and vibrant art scene. Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding cities are home to many amazing murals and street art that reflect the art vibe and artists that live here. There are many. murals that are very “Instagrammable” around town. I spent a few weeks visiting some of the best murals the metroplex can offer. Here are 10 of my favorite murals from around the DFW area!
10. “Howdy Dallas” – This mural can be seen on the east side of the Picole Pops building on Davis St in the Bishop Arts District in South Dallas. Out of all the wall murals and art in the Bishop Arts area, this is one of my favorites due to its colors, graphic nature, and messaging. I love that it ties the popsicles and fun spirit of the store with the Dallas and Texas lingo. Is it cliché to say that the mural is “so good”?
9. “Western Scenery” – Deep Ellum has no shortage of artistic expression and street art. Almost everywhere you look, there is a vibrant or cool mural or graffiti art. Out of all the murals in the area, I gravitated toward this southwestern-inspired art piece. I’m not sure if putting the eye right next to the cactus was intentional, but it’s very fitting because your eye goes immediately to the center of the mural (it's actually very large and spans the entire backside of Pecan Lodge). The mural was created by Lesli Marshall (@lm_artndesign).
8. “Welcome To East Dallas” – As you the enter Casa Linda community (driving on Buckner towards White Rock Lake), you are greeted with this incredible mural, created by Brennen Bechtol (@theotherbrennen). It’s on the backside of Torchy’s Tacos in Casa Linda Plaza. This is one of my favorite murals on this list, and it’s also special to me because I live in East Dallas. I love the combo of the pink and blue colors, mixed with the Spanish roof tiles above it.
7. “The East Quarter Mural” – Compared to other areas on this list, The East Quarter is fairly new in terms of its revitalization and redevelopment. The East Quarter is located near Deep Ellum along Cesar Chavez Boulevard and Commerce Street. The historic Magnolia Oil service station is the centerpiece of the East Quarter, and it’s now home to one of my favorite new restaurants in Dallas – National Anthem. The featured mural can be seen on the exterior of the 2200 Main Street and was designed by artist Kyle Steed (@kylesteed). Not only is the mural colorful and bold, but it helps bridge the gap between Downtown, the Farmer’s Market, and Deep. Ellum!
6. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” – I found this mural while driving around Fort Worth and was instantly drawn to it. I originally called it “Kiwi Eyes”, but later found out that it was created by Jay Wilkinson (@jaywilkinsonart) and had an actual name. There are actually two people on the wall (on East Daggett near Bryan Avenue), and it’s supposed to represent the beauty of the multi-generational LatinX homes and the sacrifices younger family members are making to protect their elders (and the friendships they will form together). It’s an incredible work of art and message!
5. “Love Dallas Texas” – This might be my favorite mural ever! From a photography point of view, I wanted to capture the mural from a perspective that no one had seen before, so that’s why I included the flowers while standing on the sidewalk near Riverfront. Located on Riverfront and Howell in the Design District, this mural is part of a larger interactive art piece called the “Design District Playground”. It’s definitely worth a visit to see in person! I love that the balloon looks so realistic and is right in the heart of Texas where Dallas is located. I also love that people can visit this mural and pretend to hold the balloon and capture that Instagram moment! The mural artist is Lesli Marshall (@lm_artndesign).
4. “Birth Of The Unicorn Cowgirl” – This mural is actually part of a larger collection of murals and art pieces, located in Inspiration Alley in Fort Worth. This artistic space is actually located between buildings and sort of “hidden”, off Carroll Street but in between Weisenberger and Whitmore. There are so many cool things to see, but this mural in particular is incredible! Artists Haylee Ryan (@hayleeryan) and Courtney Miles (@dallasmuralsisters) collaborated on this piece to combine nostalgia with modern pop themes and indulgence. Go take a trip down the alley and see all that The Foundry District has to offer!
3. “We Love Oak Lawn” – If you go get a coffee from the Starbucks drive-through on Lemmon close to Oak Lawn Avenue, you will see this fantastic grocery store and food-themed mural on the west side of the ATI Physical Therapy building. I love the retro feel of this mural but also am a sucker for lots of color and patterns. I also love how simple the message is – just a love for the Oak Lawn area and “Come Back Soon”.
2. “Stay Wild Texas” – This mural is a little off the beaten path, but it’s already an icon in West Dallas and attracts a lot of attention from mural-seekers! It’s colorful, vibrant, and fun! The artist, Stephanie Sanz aka SM Sanz (@sm_sanz) depicted the women to be adventurous and strong. To see this one in person, travel to Beckley Avenue near Kessler Park.
1. “The West Village Mural” – When you look up “best murals in Dallas” or “most Insta- Worthy”, you consistently find this mural featured on almost every list. The West Village commissioned this artwork in 2016 with Dallas artist Ricardo Paniagua. The 3-D multi-colored cube design makes it a very cool background for many Instagram posts and blogs. It’s bright, and bold yet very simple, making it a great backdrop for models as well. This mural can be found behind LOFT in the West Village.

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